01. Anyone found skiing outside the [boundary] is putting himself in danger, and if caught, will lose his lift pass.
02. The post office marks the [boundary] between the two municipalities.
03. We made a [boundary] of trees at the back of our yard to keep noise from coming from the road.
04. The river acts as a natural [boundary] between the two nations.
05. The book "The Lord of the Rings" really expanded the [boundaries] of fantasy literature.
06. The United States space program is redefining the [boundaries] of space travel.
07. Belgium and the Netherlands have an underground [boundary] that differs from the surface [boundary] shown on maps.
08. So seriously taken were land [boundary] laws that the ancient Romans executed farmers who moved [boundary] stones, even if by accident.
09. Corita Kent once said, "Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all [boundaries]."
10. The westward movement of settlers in Canada was hampered to the north by climate, and to the south by the political [boundary] with the U.S.
11. Many of the artworks of Jasper Johns explore the [boundary] between everyday objects and the work of art.
12. [Boundaries] between ethnic groups are often marked by food preferences.
13. The U.S. has a two hundred mile [boundary] extending off its coasts to protect its fishing rights.
14. Children need to have clear [boundaries] set for them as to what is acceptable behavior, and what is not.
15. There is growing fear now that the conflict could spread outside the [boundaries] of the old Yugoslavia, and into neighboring countries.
16. The two groups of boys divided the park into two halves, and marked the [boundary] with their coats and bags.
17. Belgium's only natural [boundaries] are the North Sea coastline and the Meuse River.
18. The Croatian war of independence helped cause a great movement of people across new national [boundaries].
19. There is a high fence around the [boundary] of the zoo.
20. Syria's [boundary] with Israel has been in dispute since 1967.
21. In general, earthquakes will occur along plate [boundaries].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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